About Us

What We're All About

We are a premier travel and consultancy company dedicated to providing exceptional services to our travelers, making their travel experiences seamless and memorable.

We Offer

We offer high quality and sustainable travel experiences. We endeavor to offer the best and excellent services that will always give a memorable and unforgettable Experience to our guests.
With years of industry expertise, our team of travel professionals is committed to offering tailored travel solutions to individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you’re planning a leisurely vacation, a business trip, or a group tour, we have the knowledge and resources to handle all your travel requirements with utmost care and attention to detail.

Our Service

Our services include flight bookings, hotel reservations, visa and passport assistance, transportation arrangements, customized tour packages, and more. We work closely with our travelers to understand their unique preferences and requirements, ensuring that every aspect of their trip is meticulously planned and executed.

At Pdina Travels and Consultancy firm, we are also proud to offer expert consultancy services for those seeking specialized travel advice. Our team of travel consultants provides valuable insights, recommendations, and guidance on a wide range of travel-related matters, including destination information, travel regulations, cultural norms, and safety tips.

Experienced Staff

Highly experienced in the Tourism industry in terms of destination knowledge, customer service and attention to detail to be able to advise fully on all aspects of your holiday.

24/7 On-safari Support

Book with us and we'll be alongside you from our first chat, offering 24/7 assistance and local know-how from the right time zone, whenever you need it.

Professional Guides

Trained professionals who literally live, eat and breathe their passion which is their work and to impart their knowledge to all our customers to satisfy all aspects of their curiosity.

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